White sneakers – A girls second best friend

When I first noticed women wearing white sneakers with pretty much everything…from long and short skirts to fun flippy dresses and even leather skinnies, my impression was “cute look, but did someone forget to think about their feet?” I’ve always held very strong beliefs that if there is one part of your outfit you need to make perfection, it’s a knock out pair of shoes.

Was wearing white sneakers a sign that shoes were merely an afterthought? Or was it in fact a sign that these little beauties were fashionably very acceptable and could be one of the most refreshing pieces you could add to your wardrobe?

I figured if they were good enough for John Lennon to wear on his wedding day to Yoko then surely they’d still reek of coolness.

Intrigued by this new obsession, my own search to find the perfect pair began. Leather, canvas, stitching, no stitching, labels no labels. The choice was generous to say the least. I decided that if I was going to take on the white sneaker with everything challenge, mine had to be leather, low cut, minimal stitching & definitely no coloured labels. They had to be versatile, crisp and breathe effortless.

My search happily ended when I found my now favourite pair, on my favourite shopping site (net-a-porter), by one of my favourite American sports wear designers, Michael Kors. It was a match made in sneaker heaven!

Before I knew it they were my go to shoe. I’d team them with mini skirts, midi skirts, long skirts, overalls, dresses, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, trench coats, luxe leathers…and everything in between!

I was a woman on a mission, trying to work out how I could elevate this street wear vibe into a more runway worthy territory. I’d get creative and style them with different fabrics, combinations, colours, shapes, proportions and accessories. Proving to myself that white sneakers really can be paired with almost anything.

And so it was official, these perfect little white gems became by 2nd best friend!









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