What is white, unexpectedly sexy and often touted as the wardrobe staple favourite?

A crisp white button down shirt. Whether it is paired with leather or dress pants, a skirt, jeans, tailored shorts or even denim shorts, it speaks polished and sophisticated (providing proper clothing maintenance is adhered to!).

Does it have to be a classic cut?

Whilst the classic cut is undoubtedly chic and unquestionably timeless, I personally like to play around the edges. These wickedly cool wardrobe essentials are inherently appropriate as long as they are the right fit. Making sure the shoulders, bust (no gaping ladies!) and waist fit well has to be your first and utmost concern. Get any of these even slightly wrong and it is not a good look!

Too boxy and it will have a waiter like effect, too tight and you’ll not only feel uncomfortable, you will certainly look the same. Keep trying on styles until you find the brand that fits your proportions perfectly. If you are busty or have wide shoulders, don’t be afraid to go up a size and ask a tailor to take in the waist as needed. Also explore different fabrics such as silk, as opposed to crisp cotton.

Fit and fabrics aside, the next vital step is how you wear it. There are countless ways to sex up your somewhat simple white shirt, but work with looks that will suit your body type. Tightly tuck it in for that street-chic appeal, or go for a blousy or effortless look with an oversized style, which ever is more flattering for you. If you are short in the waist, tying the shirt in a knot is very current and summery. If done in a sophisticated way, and without showing midriff, it is easily office appropriate.

My go to look?

There is hardly anything that cannot be paired with a pair of good-fitted denim and a classy white button-down shirt. They are the big guns of any closet and partner for a classic style statement.

Shirt from Max & Co. I love the detailed sleeves.


In summer, one of the most chic ways to wear a white button-down shirt is in an oversized way, over a bathing suit as a cover up. You could also team it with a pair of denim shorts and casual sneakers or slides. Undo a few top and below buttons for an easy-breezy summer look!

Shirt from Miche. Oversized with cool cinched cuffs.
Shirt from Sandro Paris. Classic, with an exaggerated cuff.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Wear it boyish, girlish, layer it, sleeves up, down or in between. No cuffs, big cuffs, detailed arms or stick to the classic. There are endless choices out there so explore, have fun and make sure you invest in a quality piece…or two!

You’ll be looking perfectly Parisian in no time.

Xx Sirens and Seaplanes



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