Decoding the dress code

The words black-tie strike equal amounts of fear and excitement within me. Excitement that I have the opportunity to get dressed up and fear, that I have nothing to wear or worse still, what if I get it completely wrong!

My issue is that the term ‘black tie” is quite broad, especially for ladies and over the years we have definitely seen some interesting transitions that has seen the title somewhat further muddled.

Usually a cocktail dress is the safe and appropriate option. It can be long or short but obviously not too short & it need not be the status quo black. In fact bright pops of colour are a welcomed reprieve.

In recent times we’ve seen fashion chameleons grace fancy events in total knock out statement dresses. At first glance they appear long and demure with floor length skirts and flowing fits, but upon further inspection prove to be quite racy thanks to their luxe, sheer fabrics. There have been thigh high splits and cut out lace panels revealing mile long legs and shadows of underwear, or the more timeless and effortless glamour with backless-to-there gowns.

All this being said, I’m still trying to decode the black tie dress code, but I am definitely becoming more and more excited that the old conservative frocks are out and the glamorous to the gills frocks are in.

To feed my fascination with black tie fashion, I recently had the honour of meeting Sydney fashion designer LUOM.O. The gorgeous Luom Ousby designs bridal couture and red carpet fashion and was proud to debut her brand, LUOM.O’s spring/Summer 2016 collection at New York Fashion Week. In a nod to her host city, LUOM.O’s “Prey” collection was inspired by New York itself. From the majesty of The Empire State Building, to the cobble stoned streets of SoHo, LUOM.O’s “Prey” draws its essence from the architecture, the ambience and the myriads of people walking the streets of the City that never sleeps.

So together with Luom’s breathtaking creations and the help of award winning Makeup Artist and Director of the Paddington based Makeup and Hair Boudoir, Sabrina Melei, we shared a fun and playful day casually shooting in the streets of Paddington.

I hope these pictures will inspire you when it’s your turn to find that dress!
Grab your confidence, some killer heels and remember the choice is yours. Feel free to play it up, or down and dare to be different. These days there are no rules and besides which, some rules were just meant to be broken.




A special thanks and my deepest gratitude to Luom, Sabrina and also Kim Veverka from Magnet PR for making this little adventure possible xx Sirens and Seaplanes

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