The attitude of gratitude

My first blog for the new year…is a slight departure and touches on a topic which is very close to my core.


I believe wholeheartedly that gratitude as a value is a fundamental foundation of a purposeful life.

Research supports that if practised regularly and with intent, it undoubtedly has transformative effects on our spiritual , physical , psychological and social well being. Without it , possessions, relationships and experiences often fall short of expectations.

Whilst I can’t speak for anyone else, I personally feel that gratitude allows me to live in the now and with a greater sense of freedom. It encourages me to identify the goodness that is in everything, to celebrate life and to place context on what is really important.

Gratitude helps me to participate in life rather than spectate. It allows me to visualise and also magnifies positive emotions whilst helping to block out the negative. I feel more optimistic and happy with a greater sense of self worth.

It has such a positive influence on my physical state. Being grateful for my health increases my tendency to look after myself. I exercise more, nourish my body with wholesome healthy foods and my immune system feels strong.

Although knowing that gratitude comes with so many benefits, it’s still easy to subconsciously disconnect from this radiant emotion. We often overlook the immense power that comes when you practice bringing your awareness back to appreciation rather than entitlement.

I’m definitely guilty of being forgetful at times and distracted from what counts in the rush of life. Allowing special day to day experiences to pass by without their deserved sense of presence and acknowledgement.

So to the brand new year that lies ahead…

I hope to live with more gratitude , a higher intent and to cultivate daily a life full of purpose. I hope to focus more than ever on the journey, rather than the destination.

Love and blessings xx

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