Sirens suitcase secrets

Packing for a holiday..  it’s usually exciting but can also be somewhat frustrating and challenging. It could take you 10mins, 1 day, or sometimes several!  Although I’ve had a fair amount of practice I’m still yet to master perfect packing, but I must admit, I feel as though I am making progress.

Tomorrow we are heading off on our next adventure.. to a magical place which has been on my bucket list for years now – the Maldives.

So with a beach fiesta on the horizon, Ive been warming up my imagination muscles!  My bedroom is crowded with suitcases, dresses, sandals, bikinis, hats, sunglasses, coverups, accessories and more. Here’s a little peep which will hopefully inspire you next time its your turn to take on the stylish suitcase challenge.

I must say that I love luxe resort wear style. It’s a style that allows you to be creative and reignite your inner goddess. Match the ambience of the flowing winds, the colorful tides of the sea, or the perfectly pretty pastels of the shore.  The key to staying effortlessly cool on an island or beach holiday is fresh and floaty fashion… with a touch of tropical!

Weightless and versatile

I always opt for weightless and easy to wear clothes. Some casual and comfortable but also pieces which are flirty and feminine, that will take you from the beach to dinner.  Also choose pieces that will allow you to be versatile.  You’d be surprised how many ways you can style a classic white or grey tee, or tank top.  Throw a pair of denim shorts or cropped overalls into the mix & you’ve nailed the cool girl look.

Image 2

Fresh and flowy

When having fun in the sun choose flowy and breathable fabrics that can protect you from the sun yet still keep you cool. Usually I’ll alternate between the classic all white which i love, or a pop of colour such as tangerine or coral.  I’ll be taking my favourite coverups shown here by designers Zimmerman, Camilla, Miguelina & Christophe Sauvat.



Black bikinis

When it comes to swim wear I usually always opt for black … but it must be feminine. I find black seperates are easy to mix & match whilst still looking classic and chic. My favourite swimsuit at the moment is the “Mira ruffled bandeau bikini” by Lisa Marie Fernandez.

Beach to dinner

For the evening’s I’ll usually wear fun dresses which are either pleasurably pretty, or breezy and boho. It’s always fun to play around with your style to create some intrigue. In case of cooler evenings pack something to cover your shoulders to add a layer of warmth. It could also come in handy if visiting somewhere sacred or religious. 


Happy feet

When it comes to packing shoes I usually go a touch overboard but what girl doesn’t right.  I’m totally obsessed with sandals and whilst sun, saltwater and sandals don’t always go together, they were definitely made for each other!  From fringed to gladiators to t-bar sandals to thongs… I love them all.  Simple tan or nude in colour are usually my go-tos’. I’ve also included a splash of red from Chanel to add a happy tone and a dark chocolate pair by Isabel Marant adorned with seashells for earthy mistique. For effortless style I prefer K Jacques St Tropez.


Bring out your boho

Finally, to convey an attitude and style that says “free spirited” make sure you take along some accessories. Mine are made from natural materials like linen and gauzy cotton, wood, stones or leather.

Pack your brimmed hat (my go to’s are both by Helen Kaminksi) your favourite sunglasses, a good book and be prepared for a blissfully fabulous time.

Whatever you put in your suitcase, remember to have fun and get as dolled up or as relaxed as you feel.  This is your adventure, your dream and you deserve it!

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