Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Vietnam.

As the Vietnamese proverb suggests, “A day of traveling will bring a basketful of learning” and this certainly rung true as we embarked on our journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Ninh Van Bay.

A short flight, followed by a 1 hr car journey, some fresh cold ginger tea, a 20min boat ride and we arrive. It’s a jaw-droppingly gorgeous resort, nestled in a dramatic bay of rich emerald waters that gives the feeling of an island, with impressive rock formations overlooking the sea. It is perfectly spread along a 2km golden sand crescent beach, with lush forested mountains rising behind.

Amongst all this sheer beauty you can’t help but be mesmerized by the parade of waves and big bright smiles waiting on the peer to welcome you ashore. Here you’ll meet the management team and your very own butler, who is waiting to whisk you off to the private villa of your choice.

This is a luxury yet family friendly resort that captures the essence of the destination, with an architectural style incorporating traditions of Vietnam. The resort is a sanctuary for all the senses while maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

It is far from your typical Vietnamese beach resort. Nin Van Bay is an A-Z of luxury with every conceivable indulgence packed onto this remote peninsular. In fact I’m pretty sure this is Eden and here are just a few reasons why:

ROCK POOL VILLAS                                                                                                            

Whilst all villas here are out of this world, the rock villas are an incredibly unique indulgence. Set amongst dramatic rock formations in secluded areas of the bay, they are accessible only by scenic hillside staircases. There are two separate living and sleeping pavilions, a bathroom to rival the best you’ve ever seen and a private infinity pool etched into the rock, perched above the lapping waters of the bay below.




Bicycles and golf buggies only = Bliss!

A SENSE OF SECLUSION                                                                                                            

If you didn’t know any better you’d be certain you are frolicking around on a deserted island, Robinson Crusoe style, but the luxury version!




 Rejuvenate the body and enliven the senses with a heavenly selection of treatments on offer here at the spa. I opted for a special practice of meditation mixed with massage, otherwise known as “Mindful Massage”.

I’ve dabbled in meditation and had countless massages before, but I’ve never experienced both at the same time. Hence a double whammy combining the two was something else. In fact I’m pretty sure I had an out of body experience!


The range of dining options here is very good but naturally I’m always drawn to my favourite meal of the day while travelling – breakfast. Beautiful resort breakfasts take us far from the simple fare of weekday home life and Six Senses has taken it to a whole new level.

Breakfast here is what dreams are made of. In a restaurant with stare-forever views, to say you are spoilt with choice and freshness of food is an understatement. The menu offers a full spectrum of the usual international fare with an added bonus of a Vietnamese Pho station, an egg station, a crepe station, a dumpling station, a fruit station, a juice station and are you ready for it – a massage station! Yes you heard correctly. A masseuse is waiting on hand to relieve any tension you may experience between courses. Seriously guys, you’d be hard pressed to find a better breakfast anywhere, guaranteed.



THE BAR…WITH BOOKS!                                                                                            

Another favourite pastime of mine when travelling is making myself very comfortable in the bar. Whilst all bars here are gorgeous, the main bar is open-aired with views to die for and comfy day beds with gorgeously discreet inbuilt bookshelves! What better way to wind up your day than sipping cocktails with a book in hand, while watching the wooden boats glide on by.



All of the villas here are luxuriously fitted with private pools, which mean guests can comfortably spend most of their days relaxing in their room, with room service bringing whatever you need.

So whilst it’s not a particularly social place, this certainly creates a feeling of peace and tranquility around the resort. Whether you lose yourself in a shady hammock, park yourself under one of the scantily clad beach umbrellas, or make yourself at home on a daybed by the pool, there is plenty of space for that perfect quiet chill.



GET THE BLOOD PUMPING                                                                                              

There is no shortage of options for much needed metabolism boosters here! Brush up on your yoga or tai chi, hit the indoor or outdoor gyms, get wet kayaking, windsurfing or paddle boarding, or take a casual stroll along the foreshore.

If you are a real nature baby, there are three streams here that fall down the mountain and work their way into the sea. You can hike up them into the hills, find natural swimming holes and even scale the summit. Hot work but so worth it!



 HAPPY KIDS HAPPY LIFE                                                                                                      

If the kids aint happy, mumma aint happy and that is definitely not an issue here. Of course the entire bay and surrounding sea is a wonderland for families to enjoy together, but it is a huge bonus having a full time kids club available for when the going gets tough!

There is also a huge outdoor playground with a wooden pirate ship, monkey bars and climbing stations. All conveniently located next door to the open all hours gelato bar!



I did say this was Eden!

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is a breath of fresh air, an absolute paradise: a once in a lifetime deluxe accommodation experience in Vietnam. Wherever you choose to sleep, play or chill, you will find a slice of heaven here. This place is so good I was tempted to stay…but there’s always something new, exciting and different around the corner.

Stay tuned for my blog on the world class Amanoi. In a word – INCREDIBLE.

xx Sirens and Seaplanes




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