“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

Like most, my life consists of many passions however two in particular strike the deepest chords within.  Of course the first & absolute greatest loves of my life are my incredible husband & life partner & our two precious little angels – our daughters.  But then, resonating deep within lies a powerful pursuit that I’ve housed for as long as I can remember – fashion & luxury travel.

Both provide me with a passionate and creative expression that transcends their basic physicality of clothes, accessories and holidays.

It’s time to share them intimately with not only my friends & family, but anyone else out there who too feels these niggling little friends are living within. So, after way too much precious time waiting for that right moment, which of course consciously never arrives but subconsciously has always been – Sirens&Seaplanes is born.

Sirens – A woman regarded as irresistibly alluring

Seaplanes – Exotic or luxe travel

I promise to take you on a journey into my secret world & share with you what drives my engine.  I’ll share honestly & wholly & with all its perfect imperfections.

I’ll reveal how to dress with minimal effort whilst looking super chic & how to holiday in style like a star or a celebrity mum…be it baby in tow, or boyfriend! Get dressed with me & come fly with me!…..


11 thoughts on ““Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

  1. Well written Bec. This is my first blog encounter so was curious to see what you had say. I look forward to reading your next words. Congratulations Bec 🎊 love from your aging siren aunty x o


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